Be the First to Rethink the Future of Workplace Mental Health

Launching 3:33pm AEST Friday 18th February 2022 exclusively on the BSV Blockchain.

WORK IS MENTAL Rethinking Future Workplace Mental Health

What’s the future of workplace mental health, and why is it so important?

This courageous book shares valuable insights and predictions into what the future holds for millions of workplaces and inhabitants. Work is mental, and Adam Bowcutt, Author of Confide: The New Psychology of Confidence. How to Power Up after Experiencing Depression focuses his contagious energy on rethinking how humans experience work-life.

Join this journey of discovery encompassing past, present, and future observations of workplace mental health. Gain foresight into how you, as a leader, entrepreneur, or business executive, can powerfully navigate your team and organisation for a mentally stronger future, adding scalable value and saving and changing many lives in the process.

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